I am a writer and self-taught artist based out of southern California. I got my start as a multimedia journalist covering Los Angeles City Hall and working with local-area artists and activists to tell stories focused on issues of public policy, homelessness, mental health, and education.

As a fervent believer in the power of artistic endeavors to reshape and improve society, I have dedicated my energies to making work in a variety of fields  including independent publishing, print and digital magazines, documentary film, as well as nonprofit fundraising and social activism. 

I am fascinated by what is hidden - in the world behind the world - in the interior lives of human beings. For me, this is where the most important aspects of life begin to take shape. Everything we do, from how we interact with others to how we treat the planet, are the result of our interior sense of self. I want to make work that expresses a vision of strength, empathy, honesty, and those elements necessary to a resilient and life-affirming existence.

Most recently, my work consists primarily of mixed media collage and digital illustration. These projects are often inspired by my interests in philosophy, social justice, power dynamics, identity, communication, and love. When Iā€™m not working on personal projects, I create written and visual content for a diverse array of clients - from creative agencies to charitable organizations. I am always open to opportunities for collaboration and commissions are welcome. Please contact me directly