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I wanted to deconstruct a book. But I didn't want to rip into just any book. It had to be the right book. What is the right book? A bit like the definition of obscenity I know the right book when I see it. While visiting Massachusetts recently, I came across "Women: A World Report" in a discount bin outside an antique book and ephemera shop. Published on the year of my birth by Oxford University Press this academic tome details the face of discrimination against women across the globe during the United Nations Decade for Women.

What caught my attention was the introduction. Specifically, the recognition of the role women play in the creation and perpetuation of sexual intolerance in the later part of the twentieth century. More compelling still is the dichotomy between those elements in the book that have ongoing accuracy and those that are dated by the very premise of the book itself. We have come far but gone nowhere at the same time. As I continued to read I found myself wondering how this could be. 

By writing in the margins, painting on the page, adding photographs, carving into, and putting back together this book (via de/reconstruction) is an exploration of the enduring nature of prejudice, the construction of the modern (female) sexual identity, and my desire to make books an enduring art form. 

More photos and books to come...