A sampling of original prose, poetry, and musings as well as updates on creative projects and items of inspiration.

Vulnerability Project

Vulnerability & Strength is something of a digital social experiment as well as a collaborative art piece. The premise is simple: participants submit images that express their vulnerabilities. Each submission is reviewed and posted to an online gallery. The creators of the most compelling images are contacted for more in depth discussion. 

The inspiration for this project was born several years back during an extremely rocky period of personal struggle, followed by an equally intense bout of self-study and creative exploration. Vulnerability and Strength began as a series of essays, poems, photos, and digital media aimed at nothing higher than individual catharsis. Since then, it has been transformed by a growing fascination with modern modes of communication -- particularly the impact of social media on the collective capacity to maintain meaningful and enduring connections.

Combining these two pieces: the exploration of strength from vulnerability, as well as testing the use of digital discourse, this project is an attempt to encourage more mindful use of often shallow modes of communication and more honest self-expression in everyday life.