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Creation & Community: Working with Teresa Flowers

Teresa in her apartment studio with a stack of her one of a kind albumen prints.

Teresa in her apartment studio with a stack of her one of a kind albumen prints.

Several months ago I crossed paths with an artist by the name of Teresa Flowers. I knew nearly nothing about her except that she had just moved to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City and I was going to take some photos of her and her work for a magazine article.

I had no idea I would be meeting someone whose artwork and attitude would inspire and motivate me to begin actualizing my own creative desires -- never mind becoming involved in hers too.  But that is exactly what happened. 

Over the last several weeks I have been assisting Teresa as she begins her artist residency at Maker City in Downtown Los Angeles. For the next three months I am dedicating twelve hours of my time each week to helping this artist I admire transform a blank space into a home for her  multi-media art installation "Echoes".

Layering light, photography, drawings, and paint Echoes has been in process for nearly three years. An undertaking that began with shooting and developing 60 gorgeous 24x30  albumen prints (the largest of their kind) that will become the canvases for layers of ink, pencil, and paint. Teresa plans to showcase the various steps she has taken to reach this point in her endeavor as well as examples of what is to come. 

She describes the Echoes project as an exploration and expression of her own spiritual development and as an examination of the multiple incarnations of the human soul in different dimensions of reality.  Inspired by her deep relationship with her late mother as well as other artists like Alex Gray, Teresa's work is intrinsically personal and draws mostly on her own experience. 

On October 15, Teresa will be hosting a preview of  Echoes at her studio at Maker City. Until then, Teresa, myself and several other volunteers will be working like mad to realize her most recent vision. If you would like to be involved, learn more about Echoes or Teresa, or want to support the project in any way please visit the Echoes Indiegogo page,, or RSVP for the upcoming exhibit preview online.