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Monochromatic Triptych

A triptych inspired by the words of Proust:

"Beneath every day incidents, the every day ordinary objects in common words, I sensed a strange and individual tone of voice. Beyond the reach of intellect, in some material object (in the sensation it will give us) of which we have no inkling – the past is hidden."

"A real person, profoundly as we may sympathize with her, is in a great measure perceptible only through our senses, that is to say, remains opaque, presents a dead weight which are sensibilities have not the strength to lift."

"For even if we have the sensation of being always enveloped in, surrounded by our own soul, still it does not seem a fixed and immovable prison; rather do we seem to be born away with it, and perpetually struggling to transcend it, to break out into the world..."