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Dualities: A Deeper Look

I don't quite know where this is going yet but it feels like something. A few experimental self-portraits to tease out what I can before moving on to more interesting subjects -- other people. 

Consider this a jumping off point for a portrait series that focuses on the duality of our inner and exterior beings -- the faces we let others see and those we keep to ourselves. An examination of the positive and negative charges within us all and the power they create.

Ain't nothin but a me thing

In those dusty shadows lay the twisted visions of a let down generation. 

Those daydreamers, schemers, and lazy post-babyboom lemurs;

Who bide their time and abuse their minds -- fixated on fame and success.

But baby that's empty. Ain't nothing worth saving there. Get out while you can.

If you can. When you can. How you can. Put down that tall can.

Quit kicking that ole' tin can down the road. Same as it was passed to you.

Battered and dented, rusted and haunted, there's nothing in there coming out.

Faith won't fix it. Money won't buy it. Power's not so powerful here.

So don't even try it. Bullshit is not an accepted currency in this place, I fear.


Photo Frenzy: Amadeus Mag - Gianni Arone

Because it bears repeating, every now and again I take photos for an art/music/culture magazine called Amadeus. I happily photograph creatives across Los Angeles while chatting with them about art, duh! So, I figured I would share some shots from my recent visit with the multi-talented and self-taught LA-native Gianni Arone. You'll have to pick up the next copy of Amadeus Mag this summer to get the full scoop on this inspirational young painter. For now, here are some snaps to get you going...

Amadeus Magazine Feature

One of my dearest friends, an awesome chick named Alex Khatchadorian (who happens to be one hell of a music and art devotee), asked me to get involved with her latest creative endeavor -- a digital and print publication dedicated to all things art and music in Los Angeles. The proper name for this creative venture is Amadeus Magazine. Find all the juicy goodness online at:

You can see some of my shots for Amadeus here and read a brief interview about my photographic fascination with LA, here