When days unfold...

When I experience a day that progresses in a blissfully effortless manner I am simultaneously astounded and reassured. This particularly seamless and spontaneous day began as many do -- with work. I've started a recent part-time gig assisting a group of rad entrepreneurs at The Unincorporated Life. Any day that consists of graphic design, sticker printing/cutting, photography, and brainstorming does not suck. Working with and supporting your friends who are carving their own creative path in a rigidly built (but increasingly dubious) Capitalistic system doesn't feel much like work to me. 

Nor does creating content for an indie art magazine...which is where the next part of my day went. Taking photos and video for the ever-evolving art and culture magazine Amadeus is one of my favorite things. On this occasion, our focus was LA born and raised artist Jennifer Korsen. We visited her at her studio in Downtown Los Angeles on Sixth Street where we chatted with her about her work, the history of the LA art scene, and her perspective on being a woman in the world of street art. 

We also visited Imperial Art Studios with Korsen where she is showing a selection of her work and preparing to paint a mural - her largest to date. Spending a good chunk of the day exploring this nearly 2.5 acre campus of industrial warehouse and creative space sandwiched between Santa Fe Avenue, East 7th Street, and Jesse Street was a bit like falling down a rabbit hole.

Suffice to say there will be many return trips for collaboration and creative endeavors. It's days like these that make sticking out the more difficult moments of the freelance lifestyle worthwhile. Here's to a way of life that lets you do more of what you want the way you like to do it...

Photo Frenzy: Amadeus Mag - Gianni Arone

Because it bears repeating, every now and again I take photos for an art/music/culture magazine called Amadeus. I happily photograph creatives across Los Angeles while chatting with them about art, duh! So, I figured I would share some shots from my recent visit with the multi-talented and self-taught LA-native Gianni Arone. You'll have to pick up the next copy of Amadeus Mag this summer to get the full scoop on this inspirational young painter. For now, here are some snaps to get you going...

Photo Frenzy: Amadeus Mag -Teresa Flowers

Sometimes I take photos for this kick ass art/music/culture magazine called Amadeus. This happens to be one of my favorite things. I get to meet passionate and interesting artists who talk to me about what they love doing most and I get to take their pictures. Sure doesn't suck...

These are a few images from my time spent with the inspiring LA newcomer (Salt-Lake City transplant) Teresa Flowers. You can read the full interview with Teresa and see more pictures of her work at:

Amadeus Magazine Feature

One of my dearest friends, an awesome chick named Alex Khatchadorian (who happens to be one hell of a music and art devotee), asked me to get involved with her latest creative endeavor -- a digital and print publication dedicated to all things art and music in Los Angeles. The proper name for this creative venture is Amadeus Magazine. Find all the juicy goodness online at:

You can see some of my shots for Amadeus here and read a brief interview about my photographic fascination with LA, here