Stuck on the little things (vinyl die cut stickers)


My love for stickers runs deep. In my younger years I kept an extensive collection - the weirder or sparklier the better. But I didn't merely hoard them for myself, I stuck little adhesive badges of love on lonely, naked walls, dingy windows, and on my friends. For me, stickers were the early nineties equivalent of emojis.

With age my appreciation for stickers has become more nuanced.  My youthful preoccupation has merged with my interests in graphic design, digital print making, and branding. Stickers are an opportunity to make an impression, and forgive me for this, one that sticks. In an age of digital media, marketing, and communications I can't help but adore the tactile nature of a sticker. 

So, imagine my delight when I started working with a company that designs, plots, and peels  vinyl die cut stickers in house! If you don't know what is involved in the process of creating these little decals - it is truly a labor of love - or a great task for someone with a mildly obsessive nature who finds repetitive tasks meditative (yours truly). Most recently I had the pleasure of helping  Amadeus Magazine create stickers for the upcoming Dessert Daze music festival.

Here are a couple progress shots. More to come...