Photo Sessions: Singer/Songwriter Kathy Black UPDATED

UPDATE: Several months back I photographed the talented and kindhearted  singer/songwriter‬ Kathy Black. I'm so pleased to see the album artwork in its final form! 

From 01/31/15: The best work, in my mind, is improvisational and spontaneous. While there is plenty of planning, scouting, lighting, makeup, and post work that typically goes into creating quality images, there is special magic that only happens with open-minded and communicative subjects willing to collaborate and get creative. Musician Kathy Black is one such adventurous soul. Spending a day making pictures for her forthcoming record was a true pleasure. Here are a few shots from our time in Echo Park: 

Dualities: A Deeper Look

I don't quite know where this is going yet but it feels like something. A few experimental self-portraits to tease out what I can before moving on to more interesting subjects -- other people. 

Consider this a jumping off point for a portrait series that focuses on the duality of our inner and exterior beings -- the faces we let others see and those we keep to ourselves. An examination of the positive and negative charges within us all and the power they create.

Photo Frenzy: Amadeus Mag - Gianni Arone

Because it bears repeating, every now and again I take photos for an art/music/culture magazine called Amadeus. I happily photograph creatives across Los Angeles while chatting with them about art, duh! So, I figured I would share some shots from my recent visit with the multi-talented and self-taught LA-native Gianni Arone. You'll have to pick up the next copy of Amadeus Mag this summer to get the full scoop on this inspirational young painter. For now, here are some snaps to get you going...

Photo Frenzy: Amadeus Mag -Teresa Flowers

Sometimes I take photos for this kick ass art/music/culture magazine called Amadeus. This happens to be one of my favorite things. I get to meet passionate and interesting artists who talk to me about what they love doing most and I get to take their pictures. Sure doesn't suck...

These are a few images from my time spent with the inspiring LA newcomer (Salt-Lake City transplant) Teresa Flowers. You can read the full interview with Teresa and see more pictures of her work at: http://amadeusmag.com/blog/teresa-flowers-a-multidimensional-approach/